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Healing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

“Inara” means “heaven-sent ray of light”


Inara healing was founded to help people discover the divine within themselves and become the limitless, infinite beings they truly are. Creating happy, joyful individuals who can experience life to the fullest

Healing is a process that requires awareness & identifying a pattern and releasing the past trauma and belief systems associated with the pattern. Healing brings about immense joy, bliss, and abundance. That state of being is where we are connected to the super consciousness or divine or whatever people choose to call it. 

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Are you a victim of the spiralling negative thoughts?

Access Bar at inara healing


Accessing your sub conscious mind to manifest anything you want.

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Reiki Healing

Channelling the universal energy to heal us. The energies using symbols.

Reiki healing at inara healing

Crystal Therapy

Through reiki infused crystals, we heal various aspects of life.

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Don't wait any longer to find clarity and relief
Click below to start your healing journey with Sneha.

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Why Choose Inara Healing ?

Choose Inara Healing for a deeply personal journey towards healing and self-discovery. Our compassionate team is dedicated to unlocking your unique path to inner peace and well-being

Holistic Approach

Empathetic Guidance

Peaceful Environment

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“I met Sneha through a referral and I had no idea that she could change my life so effortlessly and professionally. She treated me with Reiki, access bar, and touch healing and on occasion counseling me as well. I would like to thank her for helping me and getting my life back on track. I would happily recommend anyone to reach out to Sneha with their issues and they will find the answers they are looking for!!”

Puneetha D

I had been to INARA Healing after one of my friends' recommendations. It was such a useful session and Sneha was great a therapist. She helped me deal with the stress I was going through. If anyone wants to visit a hypno therapist, INARA is the place and I would recommend Sneha. Thank you, Sneha, for all the healing I have now.


The Baggage held by you starts showing up as physical, mental, and emotional ailments. 

Just like how we take care of the physical body by bathing, going to the spa, and exercising in the gym, we need to rejuvenate our energy and mental bodies.
The therapies at Inara are tailor-made for you & and help you look deep inside yourself and bring about a rhythmic balance of body, mind & and soul. 

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Teen Psychologist


Pre- therapy

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Follow Up Sessions

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Live the Life of your dreams!

We are giving you a paradise for the mind and soul

Ready to Illuminate Your Path as a Healer?
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Inara is a holistic healing center that is dedicated to aligning you with your soul purpose by removing any obstacles in your path.  Everyone is unique and so are our ailments and patterns. Finding the root cause of our patterns is of utmost importance for permanent recovery and healing.

The path to discovery of the root cause and cure can be achieved through different modalities. There are various healing modalities and every modality is effective in its way and uses different approaches to reach the holistic well-being of a person. 

“Make peace with all your broken pieces” –r.h. Sin

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We Intend To Be Your Healing Partners


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