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Meet Sneha

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Sneha J R

A hypnotherapist, Reiki master, Access Bars Practitioner, Crystal healer. 

Sneha is a hypnotherapist, practitioner of Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki, a Crystal Healer, Access Consciousness Practitioner. 


Practicing many healing modalities has led her to understand that all practices aim at bringing peace, joy, and balance to an individual. She believes that though the tools and techniques used by every practitioner are different, the end result is physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. She believes that each individual is different and finding the modality that resonates the most with them is very important in the journey of healing. 


Combining the healing modalities, she has been successful in helping people declutter their thoughts, break patterns, and be more in the present. In other words, they are happier and more aware.   

A combination of the techniques used by Sneha has helped people overcome the loop they are stuck in and move forward to growth – both emotionally and physiologically. These loops can be patterns, thoughts, emotions, and also physical conditions many times.  

Sneha loves to help people find their purpose, and be able to function to their fullest potential in every aspect of life. 

The Story of INARA

Inara, a holistic healing centre that is dedicated to align you with your soul purpose by removing any obstacles in your path.  

Everyone is unique and so are our ailments and patterns. Finding the root cause of our patterns is of utmost importance for permanent recovery and healing. The path to discovery of the root cause and cure can be achieved through different modalities. There are various healing modalities and every modality is effective in its own way and uses different approaches in reaching holistic wellbeing of a person. 

The important question is: Which modality do you resonate with? Which modality gives you the fastest recovery? 

We at Inara aim to understand the root cause of your concerns and find the modality that works best for you. Get in touch to embark on your healing journey. 

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