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Sneha JR

Sneha is a hypnotherapist, Reiki master, Access Bars Practitioner, Crystal healer. 

She believes that the world needs more compassion and unconditional love. She treats her clients without any judgement and provides them a safe space which accelerates healing.  

Practicing different modalities has led her to belief that, healing is unique to each individual. The key to well-being is to find the modality that works best for your ailment and for YOU! 

She is known to break the “thought loops” that people are stuck in. With her strong intuition she can go to the root cause of any ailment and help you reverse it. 

It is her mission to make people discover bliss and joy inside their hearts. In other words, to connect to the divine within and lead lives from our hearts.

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About Me

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Get to Know Us

Inara is a holistic healing center dedicated to aligning you with your soul purpose by removing any obstacles in your path.  

Everyone is unique and so are our ailments and patterns. Finding the root cause of our patterns is of utmost importance for permanent recovery and healing. The path to discovery of the root cause and cure can be achieved through different modalities.

There are various healing modalities; every modality is effective in its way and uses different approaches to reach a person's holistic well-being. 

Discover Your Ideal Healing Modality with Inara

The important question is: Which modality do you resonate with? Which modality gives you the fastest recovery? 

We at Inara aim to understand the root cause of your concerns and find the modality that works best for you.

Get in touch to embark on your healing journey. 

Expertise & Experience

Empathetic Understanding

Sneha's unique ability to connect with her clients on a profound level sets her apart. She possesses an innate empathy that allows her to grasp their emotional and energetic needs even before they articulate them. This deep understanding forms the foundation of her energy work practice.

Diverse Modalities

What truly distinguishes Sneha is her extensive knowledge and proficiency in various energy healing modalities. She has honed her skills in a diverse array of techniques, allowing her to tailor her approach to each client's unique needs.

Supreme Dedication

Sneha's journey into the world of energy work began during her school days, driven by an unexplained fascination with the unseen dimensions of existence. Her commitment to this path is evident from her nearly two decades of dedicated practice, primarily focused on Reiki healing.

Facilitating Transformation

Sneha's expertise goes beyond traditional energy work. She excels in breaking thought loops and delving deep into the root causes of issues that her clients face. Her ability to facilitate lasting transformations in individuals' lives is a testament to her skill and experience.

Don't wait any longer; take the first step towards healing and self-discovery by scheduling your session with Sneha now.

This is the picture of sneha the healer at inara healing

How has healing impacted my life?

It is not necessary for you to be suffering in order to heal. Just take a moment and see if you are in a state of joy. If you are not, then something in you demands release. And you can find it, by becoming aware!! Healing starts with awareness. 

Haven’t we all heard of the saints, who had the power to burn a tree with their third eye?
Or psychics who can read minds, or see the future.
Or superhumans who can manifest anything and everything they want. 

What if I told you, with awareness and release of all your blocks, you can be that saint psychic, or superhuman? Yes, that’s how magical healing can be. Abundance, health, relationships, career & and opportunities will be aligned to your greatest good.

Let us heal to embrace our highest potential. 

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