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This is the image of Access Conciousness at inara healing

Access Conciousness

We go through a lot of conditioning and develop belief systems about various aspects of our life. 

Belief systems about money, abundance, health, body image, relationships, success, career etc. Only by dropping these belief systems can you remove the limitations you have imposed on yourself. 

This is the image of Access Conciousness

"Does your mind and thoughts control you?"

  1. Spiralling negative thoughts

  2. Stress & Anxiety 

  3. Fears & Phobias

  4. Feeling stuck

  5. Money issues

  6. Relationship issues

Discover Limitless Possibilities - Access Your Consciousness Now!


Reduction in Thoughts

Access Bars can help reduce the constant chatter of thoughts in their minds. It's believed to promote mental relaxation, which can lead to a quieter and calmer mind.

Clarity & Decluttered Mind

Access Bars may assist individuals in gaining mental clarity and experiencing a more decluttered thought process.

Emotional Release

Access Bars can help dissipate emotional charges related to past events or traumatic experiences. This can lead to emotional healing and a sense of relief.

Change in Perspective

It can help individuals drop all the points of view and thereby be in the awareness and create magic. 


I attended access bar sessions with Inara, which helped me a lot in coping with anxiety. It also helped me improve my focus at work

-Vaishnavi Niveda

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