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This is the image of hypnotheraphy of inara healing


The soul's goal is oneness with the divine through experiencing everything, shaping belief systems in the subconscious across multiple lifetimes.

This is the image of Hypnotheraphy of inara healing

Subconscious is a comprehensive data room. Accessing it can give answers to almost everything. Some conditions include but not limited to:

  1. Repetitive patterns in life

  2. Phobias/Irrational fears

  3. Cord cutting in toxic relationships

  4. Social anxiety

  5. Panic attacks

  6. Depression

  7. Karmic patterns & baggage

  8. Infertility 

  9. Relationship blocks

  10. Abuse

  11. Money blocks

"Unlock the Power of Your Mind – Schedule Your Hypnotherapy Session Today!"



Clients may experience positive changes in their patterns, concerns, or ailments within a few weeks. 


Changes may manifest magically, reversing symptoms and creating new opportunities for desired results.

This is the image of Past life regression

The soul is eternal, experiencing life in various forms, and it carries lessons and beliefs from past lives.

We should operate from present awareness, not past beliefs.

Hypnotherapy helps access and clear past life patterns and beliefs.


Such a wonderful experience with Ms Sneha. I feel much more relaxed and energetic after just 4 sessions with her. Hypnotherapy helped him resolve my past issues. I definitely recommend INARA and Sneha for any emotional issues of any sort

-Jagan Jagannath

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