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This is the image of Crystals of Inara Healing

Crystal Healing

Reiki translates to universal energy.
We are born with Prana/Chi/Qi. Parenting style, peers, society, habits, lifestyle, surgeries, accidents, life situations, etc., can cause an imbalance or loss of energy. 

This is the image of Crystal Healing

Some ailments/conditions with which Reiki healing can help include:

  1. Pain management

  2. Stress and anxiety management

  3. Sleep issues

  4. Food disorders

  5. Fatigue & Lethargy

  6. Addiction

Experience the transformative power of crystals - book your Crystal Healing session now and restore your inner balance.



It reverses the physical conditions of ailments. It helps in alleviating pain and other physical conditions.


It can help individuals process and release pent-up emotions, leading to a greater sense of emotional well-being.


Reiki healing enhances the mental clarity and reverses stress, anxiety, depression, mental fatigue. 


It fosters a sense of inner peace, purpose, and connection to a higher consciousness.


"I just completed my Reiki and Crystal healing class with Sneha ma'am and it was very nice. It was just a beautiful learning experience. There was a perfect balance of professionalism and personal touch with a lot of knowledge.
I would definitely recommend you to come here if you want to learn Reiki or Crystal healing. I have also received a healing session and it feels very enriching''.

-Nagaraju C

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