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Hypnotherapy(Past Life Regression)

The body may perish, the soul is eternal.

  • 1 hour
  • 2000/- Onwards
  • Bengaluru|Inara Healing - Indiranagar

Service Description

The aim of the soul is to become one with the super-consciousness or the divine. We can become one with the divine when we have experienced, “everything there is.” We take various lives to live these experiences. Some deep experiences become a belief system of the subconscious mind. These belief systems can belong to the current life as well as the past life. Belief systems are not truths. Therefore it is important for us to abolish any belief system and start functioning from the present awareness. Hypnotherapy is a technique used to reach a focused and relaxed state of mind. In this calm and blissful state of mind, you will be able to access information about your past which may or may not be in your conscious mind. We will be able to erase subconscious patterns through this technique. Past Life Regression-The soul keeps taking different forms to experience life. As a consequence, the soul carries all the lessons & belief systems from all the lives. It is important we function from the present awareness rather tha the belief systems of the past. Using hypnotherapy we access the past life information and clear the patterns and belief systems coming from the past lives. What to expect in a hypnotherapy session? It is NOT an ALTERED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS!!! Your body will be progressively relaxed. And the conscious mind will be requested to quieten for the session. In this heightened awareness any thought, feeling, visual that comes into your mind’s eye is your subconscious mind. The client has to trust the intuition and keep answering the questions of the practitioner. MYTHS ABOUT HYPNOTHERAPY The following is NOT TRUE about hypnotherapy: You lose your mind control One does not remember what they spoke about duringthe session People can get stuck in a hypnotized state Hypnotherapy is an out-of-body experience You will be in an altered state of mind People can do things against their will in/after the session Who should take a hypnotherapy session? Subconscious is a comprehensive data room. Accessing it can give answers to almost everything. Some conditions include but not limited to: Repetitive patterns in life Phobias/Irrational fears Cord cutting in toxic relationships Social anxiety Panic attacks Depression Karmic patterns & baggage Infertility Relationship blocks Abuse Money blocks Benefits Clients may experience positive changes in their patterns, concerns, or ailments within a few weeks. These changes may manifest in various ways

Contact Details

  • Bengaluru

    INARA Reiki Healing Crystal Healing & Hypnotherapy- Indiranagar, Stage 2, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


  • Inara Healing - Indiranagar

    Inara Healing - Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Access Bars & Hypnotherapy, Stage 2, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


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