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Reiki Healing

Channelling the universal energy to heal us.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 2500/- onwards

Service Description

Reiki translates to universal energy. We are born with Prana/Chi/Qi. Parenting style, peers, society, habits, lifestyle, surgeries, accidents, life situations etc., can cause an imbalance or loss of energy. Every physical, mental, emotional ailment is a consequence of imbalance of energy. Restoring this energy can cure the ailments caused by the imbalance. Reiki healing can help you reaching the ultimate joy & bliss by restoring any energy that you have lost. In this practice, the practitioner initiates the universal healing energy through the use of Japanese symbols. The energy flows through the practitioner to the client. This practice balances and aligns the client’s energies, leaving them calm and healed.

Contact Details

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