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Sekhem is a powerful, universal, spiritual energy that helps you experience feelings of deep peace and rejuvenation, bringing you back to your state of flow and balance. 



Empower and transform


Sekhem can help you find the Healer within, so you can begin to speak your truth. This Healer will assist your journey across physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.


When our energy is low we can feel lost, tired and disempowered. I am here to hold and create a safe space, using Sekhem energy and sound healing to raise your vibration and connect you to the endless power and peace within. As a Sekhem healing practitioner, I connect with your Source energy and Higher Self - inviting you to become more connected to yourself too. The healing takes place within you, guided by me. 


“Since working with Jaha, I have taken responsibility for my wellbeing. I am taking control of how to support myself with my healing journey.”



Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing


Sekhem is a form of transformational energy healing, which can be channelled through the hands of the practitioner to the client, or can be practiced remotely.


Sekhem means ‘spiritual might’ or ‘authority’ in the spiritual sense. Egyptian Sekhem is linked to the star system, Sirius, and its energy originates from Sirius to Lemuira, and then to Egypt and Atlantis. At a time when Egypt was the cultural centre of the world, scholars would travel far and wide to learn the wisdom of its teachings in its ancient temples. 


Sekhem was practised by the priesthood in Ancient Egypt, and can be passed from person to person through an attunement process similar to Reiki. When the Egyptian Dynasty came to an end, the energy systems either dispersed or were kept alive in small communities. Sekhem, however, was later rediscovered by Patrick Zeilger and Helen Belot. 


A lot of people are curious to understand the difference between Sekhem and Reiki. One main difference is that it works on a higher vibrational frequency. Sekhem is also connected to the Lion-headed Sekhmet, the Goddess of War and Healing Sciences. She is the guardian and protector of the energy. I love working with Sekhmet, as she embodies the cycles of highs and lows that we all go through as humans. Of course, when the lows happen, it can feel like a battle you may never win - but there can be an opportunity to heal and grow from the war with these obstacles and challenges in our lives. Sekhmet breaks down what no longer serves us, so that we can build anew and transform ourselves. It’s not an easy journey, and you are required to work through the obstacles you are facing. This is an extremely powerful gift to receive. Working with Sekhem, using a 12 week cycle and meeting one-on-one, gives us the freedom to create a profoundly transformative experience built just for you. 


Photography: ShotbyMartyna

“I did not feel confident to speak or even wanted to speak my truth before working with Sekhem. Now I am stepping up into my power, speaking my truth, going for things I truly desire and not shying away like before.”


Energy meets intention


You are the master of your own healing. I am a vessel to channel the powerful, universal energy of Sekhem and empower you to heal yourself. After all, spiritual healing works on the principle of intention, so you do not need to be in the same room as me. During a remote Sekhem session, you will receive all the same benefits as an in-person session, whilst in the comfort and safety of your own home. And you will be able to stay in your deeply relaxed state, long after the session is over.



From intention comes transformation


We will begin with a consultation of what your intentions are for the next 3 months ahead. 


Then, when you book a remote healing session, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a link to Zoom.


We will then begin the healing. I will be able to feel where you have energetic blockages and work on releasing them, helping you feel restored to deep peace, relaxation, balance and vitality.


After the session is complete, there will be a post integration treatment. Here, we will discuss your experience during the treatment, and I will advise you on how to integrate the experience into your life to further support your healing.



Just had the most beautiful Sekhem session with Inara Healing. It was very restorative and the message I received resonated entirely.

Thank you, Jaha” 


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