Reiki is an alternative healing therapy for all; adults, babies, toddlers, children, elderly and pets alike. It beautifully balances and aligns the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

A gentle modality that relieves energy blockages and provides vitality to aid the healing process emotionally, physically and spiritually.


The Benefits

•Reiki is empowering

• Creates deep relaxation

• It complements western medicine

• It assists the body in cleaning from toxins 

• Stress relief

• Helps with the healing process after surgery

• Aids concentration and focus

• Sleeping aid – self-healing helps you to fall asleep easily 

• Brings peace and serenity

• Reduces anxiety

• Brings clarity of thought

• Aids meditation and positive thinking



Reiki Experiences



Enjoy a deeply nourishing 1hr treatment in the comfort of your own home.


If you are constantly traveling around then Distant Reiki has the same effects as in-person and allows you to be anywhere in the world to receive the energy.



Special Occasions

Wanting to have something different at your Birthday Party, Baby Shower or magical occasion?  We can bring Reiki to your special day.


Organising a retreat or wellbeing day and need a Wellness Practitioner,  get in touch.


As soon as Jaha placed her hands over me I felt a warm, comforting heat radiating from her and I knew it  was going to be a powerful session. During the reiki I felt my whole body relax, tension and worry melting away. The reading Jaha gave me afterwards was both accurate and life-affirming. Immediately after the session, I felt stronger emotionally and clearer in my thinking. Thank you, Jaha you are an angel! 

- Alice.C The Self Evolution Coach 

Thank you @jaha_browne for the most amazing Reiki session in the comfort of my home yesterday! ✨ I can’t recommend this amazing woman enough ~ I am (obviously) a huge advocate for self care and investing in what you need to help you feel better holistically ~ whatever that means for you! •

• 🙏

I have been wanting to try Reiki for several years, and I finally got an opportunity to with Jaha's home visit. It was a beautifully relaxing treatment, as she burnt incense and placed a lovely scented eye mask on my face. I felt the energy moving, saw colours and felt real shifts throughout. The discussion afterwards was insightful and very helpful. It was incredible to connect with my higher self via Jaha, and she made the entire experience an absolute joy! 

- Yulia

Yesterday I had my second session and it was much less heavy this time but it was just as transformational. I don’t know how Jaha weaves this energy magic but if you haven’t tried Reiki I wholehearted suggest you do! Thank you thank you Jaha you absolute angel 💕 x x x x

• 🙏

Two years ago my beloved Grandma died very suddenly it really rocked my world, I was grieving, ungrounded and feeling incredibly angry! I messaged Jaha to arrange my first ever Reiki season without understanding what it was but trusting my intuition that it’s what I needed. I was in bits when I arrived, crying quite hysterically on an incredibly empathetic Jaha! Well I have to say it was pure magic, I left feeling so much lighter, like something had really shifted & some of that trapped tension and grief had been released. •

• 🙌

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