“The Gong opens you up to feeling and releasing.” 



Do you find sitting still whilst meditating challenging?


Do you want to stop overthinking and start feeling more?


This work is perfect for getting you unstuck and out of your own head. 


Everything within this Universe is energy, vibrating and oscillating at different frequencies. Being bathed by the sounds of the gong is an experience of feeling deeply. The gong opens you up to vibrations and frequencies created for surrender and letting go. It’s an experience you will not regret. What I love about sound meditation is that it requires you to simply lie down or sit comfortably. It asks very little of you, which can be a relief for those who find other forms of meditation challenging, or beat themselves up when they feel they are not moving along with the practice. In essence, you can let sound do much of the work for you. 





An ancient meditative experience


Sound healing is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years, and is deep rooted in many cultures across the world, varying from place to place. A gong bath is a meditative experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves created by gongs. 


Sound is vibration. And we are vibration. So when you are in a sound bath, things you can not explain or understand are shifted within you. Sound healing helps to lower stress levels and blood pressure, and improve sleep. These sessions can be used to treat a number of conditions including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, and dementia.

The sound of a gong is heard through the ears, passing through the auditory nerve, then the vagus nerve, which starts in the brain just behind the ears. This wonderful design connects to all of the body’s major organs, directly stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. In essence, this activates the ‘rest and digest’ mode versus the sympathetic or ‘fight or flight’ mode. The vagus nerve is key to a healthy system.  


Gong baths are great for clearing emotional blockages, facing fears, and improving mental clarity. It can leave you transformed on a physical level, as well as a mental level.

My relationship with sound


I have always been a music head; for those who know me, bass is my love language. Those deep bass beats feed my soul along my journey of discovery, as I peel back the layers of myself. This first began when I experienced a deep calling; that unshakeable knowing; a feeling you get that is powerful and real, yet intangible in this reality - making it difficult to understand what it is. Then I met Leo Cosendai, Gong Master, who is now my teacher. He was the bridge between me and the world of sound and silence. 


Being surrounded by 30 gongs in class felt like another experience of coming home. Being bathed by the gong, I continued returning home, beyond the universe and cosmos, to a deep ancient knowing. The sound took me to a place I have been before; I was simply going back. After each gong bath, layers are stripped away. This sometimes feels joyous, but also stirs up strong emotions, inviting them to rise up and be released. The deep cocoon that this creates relieves stress and anxiety. On my journey, the gong has opened me up to speaking more truth, more often. I am still growing, shifting and shaping my voice to speak this truth. Working with the gong as my practice continues to shred the layers. 


It’s important to note that everyone’s experience of the gong is unique; you also never experience the same gong bath twice. All your worries, anxieties, stress and tension can feel like they’re fading away, as you surrender to the sounds. You are bathed by them, helping you to let go and refocus. 


To truly listen - like really listen - to this world of sound has opened my eyes up to another dimension. This world was there all the time, but working with the gong gave me the key to accessing it once more. 

"We really needed to rest. It was very special to have the sounds wash over us."


© 2020 by Joycelyn Longdon.