About Inara

Inara Healing 

Empowering you to find the Healer within.

Inara means Ray of light 

Our philosophy is based on a simple human truth: we are not broken. We are whole beings on a journey of life. During this journey, we may experience different levels of trauma; some are immensely painful or debilitating, while some arise in a more subtle way, which we can be less aware of. So even if trauma isn't making itself known loudly, it may still be present - causing us to think, feel, and embody the idea of being broken. It isn’t true.


Once we acknowledge the presence of trauma, we can begin to work through it, with the space and guidance to be held so we can co-create together to help your growth and transformation. At Inara Healing, we believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves. This begins when we have access to the tools that bring us home during the darkest times, while basking in the light that comes from becoming the Healer within.


Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Jaha


Before sharing a little about myself, I’d first like to thank all the teachers who have come into my life in many forms. You have all enabled me to be here now: in service to those who need to be held and supported through their healing journey.


I'm a Reiki Master, Advanced Sekhem Practitioner  and Sound Meditation Teacher. Empowering people to find the Healer within. By holding and creating space, I encourage them to explore the layers that need to be unpeeled - to unlock their potential, and heal themselves. This is all aided by the support of Reiki and Sekhem energy systems and sound healing - through both 1:1 and group work. My clients and I understand that healing is not a linear path; it requires you to go off track, and go deep. Sometimes the journey will be fun and other times it will be challenging, as you begin to peel back the layers of yourself, so you can rebuild and move forward from a place of wholeness, love, and acceptance - while truly connecting with the Healer within.You can find me in person at Re:Mind Studio & House of Wisdom for Sekhem & Gong Meditations. Check out events to see my classes :).


Why I do what I do?
It’s my calling


I’m a Healer because I was called to be. Like many others out there, I have a deeper knowing of something more than the world we are in. Something that you feel in your gut; a feeling that never leaves until you start piecing together the puzzle of your discovery, as you make the return home. 


Cut to 10 years ago, and I was busy working in the film industry. My career was great: travelling the world, documenting amazing stories for BBC 3, BBC World and other TV stations, brands and organisations. It’s something I’m still passionate about and doing today - but I knew there was more to my journey. Then I had my first Reiki session, and I was blown away by the energy as well as the reading afterwards. I knew this was what had been calling me. So when others talk of a calling, I know how it feels. The tools I’ve mastered since have allowed me to grow and develop what it means to find the Healer within, while also holding space for my clients to do the same. This journey we are on is about embracing the shadow and light within us, to transform ourselves and come home.  



Who I love working with?

Women on journeys


I work with women who have a deep knowing. A knowing that there is something more within themselves that they need to connect with. From women who are just beginning their journey in connecting to themselves, to those who have been unravelling the path for some time and have been called to work with energy and sound healing. I work with women who are looking to connect with the Healer within, to tap into their inner confidence to listen to their own intuition. Women who are brilliant busy bees, but can be emotionally drained by their surroundings very quickly and are looking for relief. These are often women who want to maintain a connection to the inner peace within. Women who are working through their shadow work, who need to find balance to unblock and release what no longer serves them. Women who know there is no such thing as a quick fix for something as nuanced and personal as their healing. 


How long will we work together?

Commitment is key


I want to support your journey of growth and release by creating the space for positive change and transformation within your life. This is not a fast or linear thing: there are no quick fixes in any healing journey. It’s about maintaining a consistent connection to the healing tools you are mastering. It’s about taking the time and space you need in between sessions to reflect and move forward in your healing. My services reflect this, with packages that require you to commit to yourself and to do the work for a minimum of 6 weeks.

“I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves through various mediums. I am here as a guide and facilitator for you to experience your inner truth."

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